Meet Dr. Sooferi

Dr. Pedram Sooferi - Implantologist

Dr. Pedram Sooferi is a highly accomplished dental professional with a remarkable career in dentistry. He completed his undergraduate studies at UCLA and subsequently pursued his passion for dentistry by attending the prestigious UCLA School of Dentistry. Driven by a dedication to excellence, he further honed his skills and expertise, earning a specialized certification as an implantologist shortly after graduating.

Dr. Sooferi's career has been defined by his unwavering commitment to implant dentistry. With a primary focus on implant placements, he has demonstrated exceptional proficiency in this field. Over the years, he has successfully placed more than 4,000 dental implants, a testament to his precision and mastery in this specialized area of dentistry.

In addition to implant placements, Dr. Sooferi offers a comprehensive range of dental procedures linked to implant dentistry. His skill set includes performing complex surgical extractions, bone grafting (GBR), sinus lifts, and various other advanced techniques. Through his expertise and dedication to patient care, Dr. Pedram Sooferi has become a trusted name in the field of implant dentistry, consistently delivering exceptional results and improving the oral health and quality of life for countless individuals. Dr. Sooferi's dedication to excellence and innovation makes him a trusted name for those seeking to restore their smiles and rebuild their confidence.

Whether you are interested in replacing a single tooth with an implant or opting for a fixed, complete implant denture to replace all missing teeth, please call our office to set up your consultation with Dr. Sooferi.