Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment, also referred to as endodontics, becomes necessary when tooth decay penetrates the outer enamel and infects the tooth's core.

Dr. X is committed to preserving your natural teeth and minimizing extractions. This approach is vital because the absence of natural teeth can lead to gaps, causing the surrounding teeth to shift, potentially impacting your bite and giving rise to various related issues.

However, what if a tooth becomes infected deep within its core? In most cases, extraction seems inevitable due to the infected pulp. Essentially, this implies that the nerves at the tooth's core are gradually deteriorating, often accompanied by significant discomfort.

Given these circumstances, many patients seek a quick solution – extraction. While extracting the affected tooth might provide immediate relief, it's not the most favorable long-term choice. Our preference lies in attempting root canal treatment as the initial step. By doing so, we can eliminate the infection and retain the tooth's original position.

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