Cosmetic Dentistry in Tarzana, CA

Cosmetic Dentistry in Tarzana, CA

Drs. Sooferian and Whitley are trained and accomplished clinicians when it comes to creating your smile.

Welcome to the world of endless possibilities for enhancing your smile, made achievable through the continuous evolution of cutting-edge dental products, refined laboratory techniques, and advanced clinical training. At Life Smile Dental Center, we proudly proclaim that your cosmetic aspirations are virtually boundless.

Drs. Sooferian and Whitley stand as accomplished and skilled practitioners in the art of smile transformation. They specialize in the complete rejuvenation of smiles, making dreams come true for patients seeking their ideal expressions. Recognizing that a perfect smile harmonizes with your unique facial and oral characteristics, they possess the expertise to craft outcomes that resonate with your authentic smile potential. Leveraging tools like photographs, study models, digital imaging, and collaborating with top-tier cosmetic laboratories, they expertly restore existing smiles or craft entirely new ones, all aligned with your aspirations.

Whether your wishlist encompasses veneers, crowns, implants, or bridges, we exude confidence in our ability to manifest your desires. We cordially invite you to elevate your dental care experience to the next level at Life Smile Dental Center.

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