Tooth Infection? in Tarzana, CA

Tooth Infection? in Tarzana, CA

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Tooth Infection?

by Dentist Tarzana

A tooth infection or dental abscess can cause excruciating pain. Whether you've experienced one before or wish to prevent it, understanding the underlying causes is crucial.

While the reasons for tooth infections vary, being aware of the primary causes can aid in avoiding such discomfort. Seek professional assistance from a dentist even at the hint of a toothache.

Understanding Tooth Abscesses

Tooth abscesses typically develop when foreign substances or bacteria interact with the inner parts of a tooth. The tooth's pulp, roots, and nerves are normally shielded by protective layers like enamel, which also provides its hardness.

However, if these protective layers develop imperfections, harmful bacteria, acids, and sugar may infiltrate the tooth's core, leading to an infection.

If this occurs, intense tooth pain often follows. Refer to this recent post on toothaches for more insights.

Defects in the outer enamel can arise due to various factors, often stemming from diet or physical impact. Diets rich in sugary or acidic substances can erode enamel, resulting in small cavities. Once cavities form, they can quickly enlarge, as the enamel's protective barrier weakens.

Physical trauma to teeth can create cracks in enamel, providing easier access for harmful substances.

Left untreated, a tooth infection can spread to the jawbone and beyond. Allowing the infection to progress in this manner can lead to severe health complications.

Gum Abscesses: A Closer Look

Although the term "tooth infection" typically refers to abscesses within teeth, gum abscesses can also develop, causing infections and inflammation in the surrounding gums and bone that support the teeth.

Gum health is impacted by many of the same factors affecting teeth. Smoking, for instance, increases the risk of gum infections. While gum abscesses originate in the gums, they can extend to the teeth as well.

Consequently, a tooth infection can develop even if the tooth enamel appears perfectly healthy.

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