Waterlase Laser in Tarzana, CA

Waterlase Laser in Tarzana, CA

In the hands of your trained dentist, the Waterlase is a safe medical device.

Waterlase Laser DentistryWhat can the Waterlase be used for?

  • Decay removal
  • Cavity preparation
  • Smile design
  • General soft tissue procedures
  • General dentistry for enamel and dentin
  • Avoid being “numbed”
  • Avoid the shot and pain

In the hands of your trained dentist, the Waterlase is a safe medical device.  The laser provides pinpoint accuracy, reducing the chance of causing damage to healthy tissues. 

Waterlase Dentistry Tarzana CAHeat and vibration are the causes of most of the pain associated with the drill.  Since the dental laser does not transmit heat or vibration, many dental procedures can be performed with no pain, virtually eliminating the need for anesthesia in most cases.

The laser’s pinpoint accuracy is precise enough that your dentist can leave in place as much healthy tooth structure as possible, allowing you to keep your own teeth longer.

In-vitro studies have shown that tooth surfaces treated with the laser are dramatically more cavity-resistant.

The Waterlase gently performs numerous soft tissue (gums) procedures with little or no bleeding.  The laser gives your dentist a new high-tech tool for many procedures that previously required referral to a specialist.  Now you can have them performed during your scheduled appointment and feel better afterwards.

The Waterlase prepares your teeth in a way that maximizes the bonding of tooth colored fillings, allowing them to last longer.

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